Great Harvest Bread

Los Clop Estate Malbec – Earthy tannins with raspberry and cranberry notes leading to a simple, balanced finish.
Great Harvest Merlot – An easy drinking wine with a hint of spice and a dark, berry flavor.
Great Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon – A well balanced combination of dark fruit and mild tannins. Medium-bodied with berry and herbal flavors.
Great Harvest Pinot Grigio – A light, white wine with pleasant flavors of honeysuckle, fig and orange blossoms, finishing with crisp, citrus overtones.
Great Harvest White Zinfandel – A light, refreshing wine that flirts with your tongue, as you enjoy flavors of strawberries and melon. 
Great Harvest Chardonnay – Un-oaked with a smooth finish, starting and ending with crisp citrus flavors.
Bona Moscato d’Asti – A Northern Italian wine with a balance of peach and apricot flavors, accented with a bit of bubbly.


We are proud to carry Williams Homestead Creamery Bon-Bree Cheese in Traditional and Caraway. 

First made in Mapleton, WI, this cheese became popular for its creamy texture and mild flavor, much like a cross between a traditional soft, French Brie and the sweet Wisconsin classic, Brick cheese.

“Bon Bree is a pure natural cheese with no preservatives, no food coloring, no artificial flavoring and is rBGH free. It is a 100% all natural milk cheese with only cheese cultures and salt as ingredients. Our cheese has only 3% Sodium, for those watching their salt intake.”

Great Harvest Bread of Delafield
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