Great Harvest Bread
A Fresh Start

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods, and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” 
– James Beard, chef and food writer

We are an old-fashioned, from-scratch bakery, using only the freshest, finest ingredients and baking the way artisans have for ages.

Our wheat is grown on family-owned farms in the Golden Triangle region of Montana. We mill these wheat berries on-site to produce wholesome wheat flour with nothing added or removed. It is this nutrient-rich, whole grain base that gives each loaf a rich flavor and whole grain nutrition not possible with commercially produced or refined flour.

Our breads start with just FIVE pure and simple ingredients: fresh stone-ground flour, water, pure honey, yeast, and salt… that’s it!

What we don’t use in our bread is just as important. We don’t use additives, preservatives, chemicals or synthetic dough conditioners to improve the quality, speed up the bread making process,  or shelf life of our product. And, most of our breads are baked without oils of any kind.

You’ll find other whole grains throughout our bakery as well. We use millet, barley, flax, rye, and oats in many of our breads and sweets; even in our popular, 100% whole grain, Dakota Cookie.

Come in for a free slice of bread off of our breadboard and see for yourself why we believe in the quality of whole grains!

"Stopped in for a sandwich and also got an amazing loaf of bread. Friendly people and nice atmosphere. Stopped in again in January. I have to get 2 loafs of the cinnamon chip bread because it goes very fast with the kids. Buy 2 loafs and sometimes they have a grab bag you can pick from. Happy every time I go." - 10/27/2015

"Get the Popeye Bread and you will vow to never eat another bread as delicious. Because there isn't a better bread!" - 2/26/2016

"All I need to say is that I have traveled more than one and a half hours on six separate occasions to enjoy the delectable bread, treats, and products that are offered at this Great Harvest Bread company location. 
When you first walk into the snug locale you are enveloped by the smell of fresh bread and greeted by a friendly service member who offers a generous variety of free samples at the door. They even offer some bread and honey to go along with their samples... If bread isn't your thing they also have some delicious sandwiches (my favorite is the Field Harvest Veggie Sandwich, get this as a panini and slap it on the grain bread and your lunch is set to go!), your typical coffee/cafe drinks (they have Collectivo Coffee), soups, muffins, bars, scones, and more. All of their products are locally sourced, many from nearby Wisconsin or Illinois based businesses." - 1/30/2016
Great Harvest Bread of Lake Country
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